Introduction to Glover

What is Glover?

Glover is software for composing music using movements and gestures. Supporting a range of different sensor-enabled devices, Glover allows you to use these as musical controllers, sending MIDI and OSC to third party music software.

At the core of Glover is the ability to 'map' your movements or gestures to musical messages (MIDI or OSC) that can be understood by music software or hardware. You can use Glover to create a song or a whole show, including music, visuals, and beyond. Glover also comes with an array of features that allow you to easily integrate with your existing setup, plus presets for major music software.

What do I need to make music with Glover?

  • A gestural device or app such as MiMU Gloves, Gliss, MINI·MU, Microbit, Leap Motion, or build your own controller input via our custom OSC device
  • A computer running MacOSX 10.11 or above with networking capability
  • Any music software (or other creative software) that supports assignment via MIDI or OSC messages.
Examples of Compatible Music Software
  • Ableton Live
  • Apple Logic Pro
  • Max MSP, PureData, Sound Control, Supercollider, Chuck, CSound or similar media programming language
  • Garageband (very limited mapping options)
Glover allows you to map a large range of postures and gestures to MIDI or OSC messages which can be sent to music software like those listed above or any other programs that listen for OSC or MIDI. This allows you to convert to other protocols (if necessary) and to control pretty much any parameter you want. The flexibility of our software means you can create your own musical identity, mapping your gestural devices to your music software in your own way.