Glove Feedback

It can be very helpful to receive haptic and visual feedback from the computer to the gloves, reducing or even completely removing the need to see the computer screen. Two feedback modes are built into the gloves and available for use: visual feedback via the coloured LED in the index finger, and haptic feedback via the vibration motor on the back of the hand. Both visual and haptic feedback are available in multiple modes for nuanced information transmission.


Visual Feedback


The LEDs on each glove act as a type of feedback. Each LED can be programmed by the user to notify the user of changes in the software or to give an indication of positional information through changes in colour or patterns of blinking. You could, for example, map your lights to turn orange when you’re playing the bass and yellow when you’re in drumming mode.

Vibration Motor

A vibration motor (sometimes called a "buzzer") on the back of the hand acts as another form of feedback. Vibration Motors provide haptic feedback to the glove user and can be programmed to vibrate in different modes directly from Glover. They vibrate automatically when you turn the gloves on and they can be mapped to vibrate to give yourself signs that something has happened. For example, you could set them to vibrate when you have set forwards.