Replacing Your Batteries

MiMU Battery Policy

Mishandling or damaging Lithium Ion batteries can be dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death. The MiMU gloves use custom-designed and circuit-protected 18650 Lithium Ion batteries. The MiMU gloves are designed so the batteries should not need replacing for normal use. Exceptions might include advanced needs for stage performance or replacing a dead or faulty battery. You should not change your batteries as part of regular usage.

IMPORTANT: Never store loose batteries outside of a protective case. Especially not in pockets or bags. Physical damage to the battery - such a scratch from a key or dent from an impact - can cause explosive oveheating. Please use the plastic protective containers provided with your gloves to store any batteries that are not in your gloves.
IMPORTANT: Never use any other battery with the MiMU Gloves than those supplied with them or recommended by the MiMU team. Many commerically available 18650 batteries do not have protection and this can put you at risk.
IMPORTANT: If you choose to replace your own batteries, you do so at your own risk. We strongly recommend you do not do this and instead arrange support from the MiMU team who can do this for you or give you real-time guidance. This page exists to help you miminize your risk by showing you proper techniques.
Step-by-Step Instructions
1. Hold battery housing right-side-up

You should see the MiMU logo with a triangular arrow pointing left as shown here.

2. Slide battery lid 1cm to the left

It is not necessary to measure, but there will be a natural spot when you slide it (around 1cm) where the lid becomes loose.

3. Lift off the lid

Remove the lid, revealing the battery.

4. GENTLY pry battery out from the right end

If you are unable to do this with your fingers, CAREFULLY use the edge of the plastic lid to pry it out. The video tutorial shows this clearly.

IMPORTANT: Never use metal or any object that could puncture or damage the battery.
IMPORTANT: When the battery is removed, do not put it down in a place where it could roll or fall to the ground. Take great Care to put it in a safe place, even temporarily.
5. Insert the new battery

Insert the new battery with the flat (negative) end against the spring and the nub (postive) end to the right as shown in the image below.

IMPORTANT: Never insert the battery with the nub end against the spring. This could cause severe damage to the battery, the gloves, and maybe to you! If you have any uncertainty about this step, the video tutorial below should make it very clear.
5. Replace the lid

Replace the lid by doing steps 1-3 in reverse order. Snap the lid into place 1cm to the left of its final position, then slide it over to the right, into place.

IMPORTANT: Don't force the lid on - if you are having to force it, you aren't getting it quite right. It should snap easily into its grooves so that it can be slid into place. The video below shows this step clearly.

As always, the MiMU team is available to help by emailing [email protected].

Video tutorial: How to Replace a Battery