Workshops gloves started as a solo project for one musician. Putting our gloves on other people’s hands quickly made us realise that they needed to be developed for a much larger audience. Since their inception we have run public and private workshops to allow musicians and hackers to interact with the gloves and really understand the incredible flexibility and functionality of gloves. This is a really important part of our mission to make our gloves as accessible as possible, in as many ways as we can.

We have run workshops at music and technology venues and conferences such as NIME, SIGGRAPH, CTM, CERN, Reverb Festival, Abbey Road and many others. If you are interested to have us visit your event, or would like to commission a bespoke workshop, please get in touch via the contact form using the subject WORKSHOPS.

Have a look at our calendar for upcoming public events and conferences where you can see the gloves in action.



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