The gloves residency offers the opportunity for individuals or groups to execute a project using the gloves for a period of 1-3 months.

The gloves are tailored for music but our Glover software works with any application that listens to MIDI or OSC and so we welcome proposals from different disciplines. The residency is not restricted to a geographical location, so residents can use the gloves in the comfort of their own home/studio/cave wherever they are in the world.

In return, we ask you to demonstrate what the gloves can do to help us explore the emerging and ever evolving application of the gloves. Make videos, document your work and share this with your community and ours.

Would you like to be a gloves resident? Send us a proposal of how they would like to use the gloves and a preferred timeline with key dates, such as a recording, performance or other event. There are no application deadlines and we can support about six residencies a year.

Please find the application form here.


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