What does stand for?

The name came from the idea of the gloves being about “me and my music”. Nobody would be sure how to pronounce “”, so we went with “”.

Where can I buy gloves?

We produce gloves in limited batches and currently there are none available for sale. Please sign up to our mailing list so you will be the first to know once we have them in stock next.

How do you make music with gloves?

Our easy-to-use software allows you to map a large range of postures and gestures to MIDI or OSC messages which can be listened to by major music software like Ableton Live or Logic. This allows you to control pretty much any parameter you want. The flexibility of our software means you can create your own musical identity, mapping your gloves to your music software in your own way.

What other gear do you need alongside the gloves?

You need a Mac computer with an ethernet port (or a ethernet-thunderbolt adapter) and some kind of music software such as Ableton Live or Logic.

Can I connect the gloves to my Looper/Harmonizer/Granular Synth/Drum Machine?

Yes (if it listens to MIDI or OSC). Cool idea BTW

What type of wireless connection do the gloves have?

The gloves use a 2.4GHz WiFi connection to connect to your computer. Each pair of gloves comes with a wireless router to receive the data, so they have their own network.

Can I hook up the gloves to visual/VJ software?

Yes (if it listens to MIDI or OSC). Let us know when the show is and we’ll try and come along.

Are the gloves only for music? gloves are designed by musicians for musicians, but have the potential to be used for a wide range of applications. Our software is flexible enough that if you want to connect them to something else, you can do that. Your host application just needs to be able to receive MIDI or OSC messages.

Who can apply for a residency?

Anyone can! But since you only get up to 3 months it makes sense if you or someone on your project already have some experience using music software (such as Ableton or Logic). Some knowledge of MIDI is a bonus too!

Where can I find a manual / tutorials?

Manuals & video tutorials are available for all gloves users.

How much do the gloves cost?

A pair of gloves costs £4950. A single glove (left or right) costs £2500.

The price includes

  • 1 pair of gloves
  • all the hardware you need to use the gloves out of the box (router, cables etc.)*
  • our dedicated software
  • a carry case for your gloves and accessories
  • worldwide shipping
  • A private skype session to get you started (within three months after delivery)
  • A weekly drop-in skype session with a member of the team plus email support for a period of three months after delivery

* you will need a computer with an ethernet port (or an ethernet-thunderbolt adapter) and music software such as Ableton Live or Logic (or any MIDI/OSC compatible software) installed.


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