Last week team gloves visited Barcelona to present the gloves at Sonar+D. Adam Stark gave a presentation and demo to a packed crowd of 400 people, and team member Chagall performed a full live set of her Stray Flux EP using only her gloves to manipulate her voice and to trigger, manipulate and loop samples and effects. You can watch the recording of Chagall\s livestream here at La Vanguardia’s facebook page

Chagall’s performance also debuted her new interactive visuals, controlled by the gloves. The code was written by’s Glover author Adam Stark and art directed by the brilliant Eduardo Fitch. All Chagall’s clothes for the live show and in the projections are by textile designer Rachel Freire. The team had an amazing time sharing our work, both live at the venue and the 60k and counting viewers of the livestream video. Huge thanks to Sonar+D for brilliant documentation and tech support and a really great show. team SonarplusD

L-R Rachel Freire, Adam Stark, Chagall Van Den Berg, Eduardo Fitch gloves are a wireless wearable technology which allow you to create, manipulate, record and play music using only your hands, changing the dynamic of electronic music from a physically introverted interaction with a computer to one which is more dynamically and expressively connected to the audience. It restores traditional elements of performance to modern electronica, fusing the future of music with essential elements that have made live performance a physically and emotionally engaged art form throughout history. Using a small portable router connected to a laptop running our Glover software and any program which reads MIDI or OSC, you can map any sound to any gesture or posture and manipulate it in real time in a 3D space. stands for ‘me’/’my’/’midi’ and ‘music’. gloves are a completely programmable wearable gestural interface which give the user almost unlimited possibilities as to how they can map their own 3D space to create music through gesture and movement.


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