Here at, we love our users and collaborators and delight in seeing them grow and develop new ways to use our gloves. One of our favourites is the prolific Kris Halpin, an ambassador of Drake Music – one of our early adopters, known as our glove Collaborators – and dedicated glove user. It is easy to underestimate how much work goes into programming and learning the gloves. Kris has been working with his pair for 14 months and has just completed a UK tour.


Drake Music is a leading national organisation working in music, disability and technology. They provided Kris with his gloves and have supported his journey as a continuous inspiration to musicians and glovers alike. Two years ago Kris approached Drake Music for help in taking his musical journey forward. “I’m wobbly on one side, and I’m getting wobblier, so I’m not able to play guitar in the same way I was.” Kris explained to the audience. It was affecting his musicality to the extent that songs were being dropped from his live set.

Kris recently completed a UK tour with his gloves, and on his last London date at the legendary Half Moon in Putney he performed a rare glove duo with Imogen Heap! Read more about Kris and Immi’s glove adventure on Drake music’s blog:

Follow the ever inspiring Kris on his website, Winter of ’82:

Kris and Imogen at Independent Music Week, image (c) Lee Cogswell:

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