Chagall at TEDxClerkenwell

Our newest team member Chagall recently gives a talk and demo about using gloves. She also performs one of her songs Hidden at the end of the video. Watch til the end! From the TEDx Website: Chagall is a vocalist, songwriter and electronic music producer... gloves at the launch of Abbey Road Red’s Tom Mitchell, Adam Stark, Kelly Snook and Chagall Van Den Berg and their gloves were invited to the famous Abbey Road Studios. Abbey Road launched RED, it’s tech startup incubator, and the glove team set up a demo for people to try out the gloves for... gloves at TEDxCERN

‘I wasn’t looking for control, I was looking for freedom.’ Imogen Heap at TEDxCERN On 9th October Imogen Heap and Adam Stark from the team visited CERN for a special TEDx event, hosted on a particle detector on the The Large Hadron Collider.... Gloves receive Wearable IT Award

The Gloves receive a Wearable IT/Fashion Technology award. PRESS: Heise >> Tagesspiegel >>...