On 27th August Imogen and her gloves played her only live gig of 2015 at London’s central Hall in Westminster. The Sennheiser event, Reshaping Excellence saw Imogen perform Just For Now for the very first time in acapella using only her gloves. She also debut her newest song ‘Tiny Human’ backed by musicians from the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie.

Imogen works with audio specialists Sennhesier to create custom mic packs for the gloves. These mic packs are custom built to nestle into her wrists, meaning her entire glove system comfortably sits on only her lower arms. you can see the tiny packs in their custom 3D printed housing (if you look really hard!) in the image at the bottom of the page. Sennhesier’s video below has some great moments from the history of the journey, take a look:

Event images courtesy of Sennheiser All Rights Reserved

Reshaping Excellence_Great Hall_photo credit Peter Spinney_Haymarket

Reshaping Excellence_Imogen Heap 2