Wondrous Wearables, A Special Session With the Mi.Mu Gloves Project
Tuesday, 11 August 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM, Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 402AB

Kelly Snook held a glove workshop session giving attendees the opportunity to get their hands into the gloves and showed off our glover software and some of her recent tricks. she was also premiering (and road testing) the latest bonded version of the gloves.

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM Tuesday 11 August 2015 With Kelly present in the Los Angeles Convention Centre, the rest of the team skyped in to speak about the gloves for ‘Wondrous Wearables, A Special Session With the Mi.Mu Gloves Project’, with each team member speaking about their separate part in the development of gloves.

Mi.Mu Gloves: A Gestural Interface for the Creative Arts: Imogen Heap and members of the Mi.Mu Gloves team host this talk on the uniquely powerful control system, which can be customized to support novel interactions with music and visuals.

Mi.Mu Gloves: A More Detailed Look at the Technology: A more detailed look at the unique and novel hardware that powers the Mi.Mu Gloves.
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